Hub Hotel

Located in the city center of Taoyuan, a place with a unique style

Hub Hotel is located in the city center of Taoyuan, a place with a unique style.

Local Food

Taoyuan’s Zhongli district is a cultural hub of the Hakka, Fukien, Hokkien, Southeast Asian and Taiwanese, its diverse cuisine makes it a foodie’s paradise. Try the famous Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Hakka veggie buns, Burmese or Thai food, the choices are limitless. Due to the number of colleges and universities in Taoyuan, there are also many places for cheap eats and quick bites for those traveling on a budget or in a hurry. If that’s not enough to convince your tastebuds, there are four large night markets nearby — Zhongli, Zhongyuan, Neilong, and Longgang — to fulfill your food adventures in Taiwan.

Ancient Scenery

Zhongli district is the most happening place in Taoyuan. You may wish to take a stroll in the Zhongping Road Story House to learn about the history of Zhongli, and visit the Heysong Beverage Museum which was Taiwan’s economic success in the 50s and the grandfather of its beverage culture today. Or try living like a local and make your wishes by lighting incense at the centuries-old Zhongli Renhai Temple, and get your stars aligned by visiting local fortune tellers. The well-known Cihu Mausoleum, Shihmen Dam, Fuxing Township and Window On China Theme Park will also bring you a unique travel experience.

Outlet Shopping

Famous outlet malls such as Gloria Outlets, Metro Walk Shopping Center, SOGO Department Store and Venice Cinemas in Taoyuan meet the entertainment and shopping needs of all travellers by providing the most comprehensive services before you leave Taiwan.

Startup Hub

Hub Hotel’s co-working space serves as an initiative to transform into a business incubator and an entrepreneurial space for seminars and networking. We welcome new companies to co-work and co-live short and long term, and actively sponsor and support local arts and cultural activities to rekindle the passion for hospitality, entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural exchange.