The story behind Hub Hotel

Co-Living, Co-Learning & Co-Working


25 years ago, a local family opened up Giorgio Hotel in Taoyuan. Its proximity to Neili and Zhongli, the two major industrial areas of Taipei, as well as Taoyuan Airport, made Giorgio Hotel a success. With the economic development shifting with time, the hotel industry in Taoyuan was gradually affected.


Due to political factors between mainland China and Taiwan, mainland passengers were restricted to enter Taiwan. This impacted Taiwan’s travel & tourism once again after the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and SARS outbreak in 2003. Then came David, who has more than 20 years of experience in hotel operations, and Josh, who has a solid background in finance and IT, saw it as an opportunity to reestablish the hospitality industry. They rebranded Giorgio Hotel into Hub Hotel, pivoted its course and gave it a new life with trendsetting vision, catering to today’s needs of modern travellers.


"Co-Living, Co-Learning & Co-Working" is the vision of Hub Hotel. We want to create a world-class designer hotel in the second-tier city of Taoyuan, Taiwan. Cofounder David believes that Hub Hotel will break through the existing challenges of Taiwanese hotel business. Combining the framework of shared economy and 24-hour operating feature, Hub meets the needs of traveling millennials and digital nomads. Incorporating it with the entrepreneurial incubator community creates a space that is truly the first of its kind while re-inspiring the city’s creativity. When this initiative evolved from dream to reality, cofounder Josh positioned Hub to be the redefining hotel that turns accommodation from just a place to sleep into a meaningful cultural integration.